Choosing Happiness


Did you know that happiness is a choice and that it starts with you? I learned this from Shawn Achor. Shawn is an advocate of positive psychology and researches the science of happiness. He wrote the Big Potential, Before Happiness, and The Happiness Advantage and has spoken all over the world.

Shawn came to my attention while listening to his talk on Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations podcast. I was thrilled when I learned that happiness is a choice and one that can be easily made. Shawn defines happiness as “the joy you feel moving towards your potential” and this can happen even if you don’t have the genes and/or an environment that would predict joy. By participating in two minutes of positive experience a day, you can become happy. This could entail writing or stating what you are grateful for, jotting down a positive event that happened that day, quieting your mind, or taking time to thank someone in your life. Happiness is contagious so you can spread your joy to others by simply sharing a smile or saying hello. Research has also shown that those who are happy are more creative, intelligent, productive, successful, and live longer.

I highly recommend watching his talk. Shawn is an excellent speaker and extremely funny, he could have been a stand-up comic. Below is the video of Shawn’s presentation that changed my perspective on happiness; The Life Altering Power of a Positive Mind.

I hope you enjoy the talk and have a happy day!

Photo by Luca Upper on Unsplash


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