For Your Reading Pleasure

For Your Reading Pleasure

1. Could you go a month without sugar?

2. The gluten-free diet? A short history and where we currently stand.

3. Interested in learning more about the need for sustainable farming? Netflix and Amazon are now showing the documentary Sustainable. It is well done and I recommend checking it out.

4. The complete beginner’s guide to a low FODMAP diet.

5. Endocrine disruptors: What are they and how to decrease your exposure to them.

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Photo by Sven Scheuermeier



  1. We have been struggling with my daughter’s digestive tract since January 2017. It’s already been a long process with symptims and diet. We recently found that lactose and fructose intolerances are a factor but we’re still having a hard time managing her bloating, up to several inches in circumference of her belly. It’s been overwhelming, but your articles and links have provided me with some topics to discuss further with her care team. I appreciate the background information and am grateful for stumbling into your page.


    • Holly, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter and I hope she feels better soon. I am optimistic that you will finally get there. It took time for me to figure out what foods I can and cannot eat but I am mostly there. I still have bad days but they are less often and the intensity is decreased. Thank you for your kind words and I am grateful that I can be of some help. Best of luck!


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