Is Our Modern Diet Making Us Sick?

Is Our Modern Diet Making Us Sick?

Although I have generally had a healthy diet since I was young, my desire for and success at choosing healthier options increased dramatically after being diagnosed with Fructose Malabsorption. I have learned that by focusing on cooking from scratch, using real ingredients, and limiting my intake of sugar and processed foods, I feel better and I do not trigger my food intolerance very often. My diagnosis also led me to create Contented Belly as a way to learn, share what I have discovered, and create a community. Another goal was to discuss how our modern diet is affecting the health of our wider community and ways to eat healthy.

Some of the articles I have posted on Contented Belly have addressed how sugar affects our health, the potential link between increased anaphylactic attacks and GMOs, and the possibility of the rise of celiac, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and other digestive disorders because of the increase of processed food and manufacturing processes. I do believe there is a correlation between diet, lifestyle, and stress and our health. There are many studies that show there is a link between food and certain chronic diseases like metabolic syndrome. However, at the same time, there is not enough conclusive research about why there has been an increase in irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, food allergies and more.

Lately I have been thinking more about the question – Is our modern diet (and lifestyle) truly making us sick? In an effort to learn what you, my fellow food and digestive minded community, think and to help guide some of my future topics, I have the following questions for you. Please answer one, some, or all in the comment section. Thank you!

  1. Do you think there is a link between our modern diet our health?
  1. If you think there is a link, then what do you think are some of the causes?
  1. If you don’t think there is a link between our diet and health, then what do you think is causing the increase in chronic diseases, digestive disorders, and food allergies?
  1. Do you think that there isn’t an increase in health problems, but rather that we are simply better at diagnosing these issues than we used to be?
  1. What questions do you have or topics you would want to see covered?

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  1. Just found your blog and I’m really looking forward to following it. I took on an organic, clean, non GMO way of eating due to some health issues a little over a year ago. The deeper I get into researching what we are really putting into our bodies the more shocking it becomes. The results of my life changes are also incredible. We truly are what we eat!


    • Thanks for checking out my site! I agree. The more I learn about how and what we eat, the more I try to go back to the basics. I checked out your site and I like your post on how your shelter dog rescued you. I have a shelter cat and feel the same way.

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  2. To answer your questions, I believe there is a link, and I think the main culprit is the saturation of our environment with various chemical substances. Granted, we have a much longer life expectancy than even 100 hundred years ago, and many diseases are diagnosed now that had not been known before, but we still eat, drink, and breath poisonous chemical substances diffused in the atmosphere, even when we make a point to stick to “certified organic” products.


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