My Current Favorite Books & Documentaries

Although I have always tried to eat healthy, since being diagnosed with Fructose Malabsorption, I have learned even more about the concerns and issues with processed foods and the importance of eating real food. This additional knowledge has changed how I think about food, what I cook, and how I eat. Below are some of my favorite books and documentaries, which have informed, influenced, and inspired me.


Jennifer's Way

Jennifer’s Way written by actress, owner of Jennifer’s Way Bakery, and celiac disease advocate provides an extremely open perspective on her experiences with celiac disease. Even though I do not have celiac disease, I was sick for a long time and doctor’s were not taking my complaints seriously. When I was first diagnosed, I felt alone and a bit like a zoo animal when I was explaining my eating restrictions to others. Jennifer’s Way offered me the support and understanding I needed at that time.

fat chance


Fat Chance by Dr. Robert Lustig gives a comprehensive scientific look into how sugar and processed foods are increasing the rate of obesity. Dr. Lustig also has an informative video entitled Sugar: The Bitter Truth.



We have moved away from cooking homemade food and toward relying more on processed foods. Unfortunately, chronic disease has become more prevalent. Michael Pollan makes the argument to, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants” in his book, In Defense of FoodWhen reading this book, I was reminded of the importance of knowing where my food comes from and to just eat real food #jerf.



Salt Sugar Fat

Salt Sugar Fat
written by Pulitzer Prize winner investigative reporter, Michael Moss changed my perspective on how I view processed foods and what I eat. Michael gives readers an inside perspective of how the food industry works including how they develop recipes to ensure we keep eating and buying their food.




Fed Up: This documentary discusses how sugar and the food industry may be responsible for our current health problems and obesity.

Forks Over Knives:
With the increase in diabetes, obesity, and heart disease, this documentary shows how a plant based diet may be the best medicine.

The Truth About Sugar:
 This BBC documentary provides an overview of how sugar is affecting our health by looking at the health of four individuals before and after they reduced their sugar intake.

Michael Pollan and Jigsaw Productions created this beautiful and informative Netflix documentary that reminds us why we should get back into the kitchen and cook.




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