For Your Reading Pleasure

For Your Reading Pleasure

1. Interesting. When the hospital that is supposed to heal you instead serves unhealthy food to their staff and patients.

2. Working out and eating well but not losing weight? There are other factors that can make weight loss difficult.

3. 3 night time wellness tips.

4. No one likes bloating, I know I don’t, but did you know some bloating may be beneficial?

5. Monday’s post on Contented Belly was entitled The Rising Problem of Supermarket Bread. The chemicals, enzymes, and preservatives in bread are a big part of that. Check out this post from the site What’s That Smell that breaks down each ingredient in Wonder Bread.

6. What does the “sell by date” on milk mean and when should we be throwing it out?

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Photo taken by Annie Spratt on Unsplash



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