For Your Reading Pleasure

For Your Reading Pleasur

Below are some interesting food & health links I found over the week. Have  great weekend!

1. Some tips to help you eat more mindfully.

2. Is it true that no food is healthy? Not even kale?

3. Not getting as much sleep as you would like? Who is? This is your body on sleep deprivation.

4. Did you hear about the guy eating only potatoes for 366 days in hopes to lose weight….?

5. Listen to this short audio on the benefits and risks of antioxidants.

6. I live in Boston, I am from New York, and my husband is from Philadelphia. We don’t have a team to cheer on but we will still be watching the Super Bowl. If you are also watching, check out these 41 vegetarian recipes. Good luck Broncos and Panthers!

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Photo taken by Roman Pohorecki on PEXELS


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