For Your Reading Pleasure

Tadas Mikuckis

1. Some sugar in one’s diet is not bad. The issue is that there is so much sugar in our processed foods. Find out how easy it is to consume the daily recommendation of 50 grams of sugar a day in every meal.

2. In addition to sugar, food additives can cause health issues and is thought to affect children’s behavior. Here are recommendations for the top 10 food additives that should be avoided.

3. Need ideas for healthy breakfasts? Check out the 10 things nutritionists eat for breakfast.

4. Some tips for how to buy “real food” from a mainstream supermarket which may have less options than a market like Whole Foods.

5. Considering the low FODMAP diet which is recommended for those with IBS or fructose malabsorption? Check out this useful guide to help you start.

6. The website Gut Feelings was created by Tammy Newell to raise awareness of IBS and other digestive issues. It is a wonderful site where people can share their stories and read the experiences of others. Tammy asked if I would share my story of fructose malabsorption, which I was happy to do. You can read my story here.

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Photo taken by Tadas Mikuckis on Unsplash


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