My Gluten-, FODMAP-, Dairy-Free Thanksgiving Dinner

Jay Wennington - Unsplash

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I am not sure why but probably because it is simply about family, being thankful, and FOOD. And I love Thanksgiving food. However, the joy I received from Thanksgiving meals lessened when I learned that onions, garlic, sugar, as well as other foods cause havoc to my stomach. That cut down on a lot of my options, including my sister’s amazing stuffing and her bourbon pecan pie, pure heaven. The stress of what to eat at Thanksgiving dinner is not only felt by those with food restrictions, but also by our hosts. In the past few weeks I have been receiving phone calls from my sister asking can you have green beans? can you have mom’s sweet potato dish? can you have mom’s bean salad?, etc. A friend of mine called me asking if I knew of a good gluten free and dairy free pumpkin bread recipe she could make because some of her guests had different food restrictions. With the increase of celiac disease, food intolerances, and food allergies, this is a more common concern. Therefore, to help hosts and guests alike, I went through some recipes and picked ones that I would be interested in having for Thanksgiving dinner that are gluten-*, FODMAP**, and dairy-free. Additionally, I have listed some tips and guides to helps hosts know what is okay and not okay for their guests to eat so they do not need to keep calling. Not that I am complaining, I always love talking to my sister.

*When cooking for someone on a gluten-free diet, make sure that there is no cross
contamination with gluten containing products.
 **If on the low FODMAP diet, make sure you follow the guidelines on portion sizes. The 
Monash University Low FODMAP Diet app is an excellent resource (iPhone & Android)

Tips & Guides:





Salads & Vegetables:



Photo taken by Jay Wennington on Unsplash


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