For Your Reading Pleasure


1. Have food allergies and like to travel? The Allergy FT: Food Allergy app will help you translate your food allergy so you can eat safely and enjoy eating out.

2. Lauren Singer has mastered the art of making as little of a footprint as possible. She created the website Trash is for Tossers where you can learn to do the same. She has some great DIY beauty products which are better for the environment and have no preservatives, gluten, and other stuff that can make you sick.

3. Feeling tired, lethargic, have brain fog? Seven ways to boost your brain power.

4. Jamie Oliver explains the importance of teaching your child to cook and other ways to ensure they are eating healthy in his informative TED Prize Talk.

5. Have celiac disease or sensitive to gluten? Here are some makeup recommendations that are gluten free.

6. Ever wake up bloated and cannot find anything to wear? This happens to me too often. Check out these tips to help you hide your bloated tummy. My favorite recommendation is dresses and tops that fall from the shoulder. 

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Happy Friday

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