For Your Reading Pleasure

olga filonenko

1. Would you like to eat healthy but processed and fast foods make it hard to do so? These major food companies and restaurants announced that they will remove artificial colors, flavors, and for some companies, even preservatives.

2. Have you heard of the app called FODMAP swAPP. It recommends FODMAP friendly foods to substitute for the foods that you cannot eat.

3. Should you be eating a gluten-free diet or a low FODMAP diet? It might not be gluten sensitivity but IBS caused by the fructans found in wheat.

4. The perfect way to brew your cup of tea. 

5. Ever wonder what cage-free written on the egg carton really means for the hens? Find out this and the definition of other terms.

6. Did you know that rose geranium oil is anti-inflammatory? Learn more about the benefits of this essential oil

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Photo taken by Olga Filonenko on Unsplash

Happy Friday!

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