For Your Reading Pleasure


1. This site is for everyone. Whether you are gluten-free, on the FODMAP diet, lactose intolerant, have nut allergies, or whether you can eat whatever you want. What food fits the bill? THE AVOCADO!!!! Okay, for you low FODMAPPers, only an 1/8th… ; )

But does anyone know how to choose a perfectly ripe one? BuzzFeed does. Check out this video.

2. And as we talk about healthy fats, let’s talk about olive oil. Learn about the benefits of olive oil and how to tell the fake from the real. Who knew?

3. For those who are lactose intolerant, find out what non-dairy foods are high in calcium.

4. If you are on the low FODMAP diet or cannot tolerate onions or garlic then you need to avoid them other than an infused oil. Here are some herbs and spices that can add the flavor back into your meals.

5. Based on the winter weather in the Northeast of the US there will probably be a lot of fall babies. Fathers beware! The sympathy pounds don’t always end when the baby is born. John Kinnear tells his story.

6. I have been on a hot lemon with water and mint kick lately. Read about some or 20 of the benefits of having water with lemon in the morning.

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Photo found on PEXELS

Happy Friday!

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