A Moment of Weakness Leads to Days of Regret

Luca Nebuloni

I had a moment of weakness at dinner.  A moment when I thought I could eat out as most others can, where I could order off the menu without any modifications. It felt liberating to order the tacos with salsa and guacamole and not ask what on the menu did not have onions, garlic, wheat, or sugar, or be concerned that the amount of avocado was more than 1/8th, or that the corn was more than half a cob, etc. I wanted a normal meal experience where I could eat what I wanted and not feel like I was making a spectacle of myself with all of my questions in front of the waiter. And really, what bad was going to happen? I am always so careful of what I eat and I had been feeling good lately. Would one meal actually cause a problem? By the end of the meal and for days later I had my answer. The next morning I had to pull out one of my trusted loose dresses to hide evidence of my misstep. In addition to the bloating and feeling of discomfort overall, my stomach and joints were in pain, I had headaches and this weird pain that I get in the back of my eyes (I have no idea why that happens but it does). I wonder, why did I choose to ignore that this is what happens when I eat the wrong foods? Why did I not ask the waiter to recommend a dish that did not have my list of forbidden foods? Because sometimes I just want to eat what I think will taste good and truly enjoy a meal. Ever since I found out I had fructose malabsorption, eating out has lost a lot of its joy and sometimes I want to find that happiness again. However, I need to remember that although eating will never be the same for me, I need to find the pleasure in foods that I can eat and not focus on what I cannot. Until I have my next moment of weakness….

Have you had a similar moment of weakness?

Photo taken by Luca Nebuloni on Flickr



  1. I’ve been there too – sometimes you just want to – mine was a BBQ at the weekend. I thought I’d be ok with a bit of gluten, onion, garlic. I can do a little of all, but together not so much… It took me 4 days to start to feel better. When will we learn… At least it was tasty at the time I guess!


    • Sorry to hear that it took 4 days to recover. But when the food is tempting and you are hanging out with friends, it can be hard to not want to eat all that good food along with everyone else…


  2. I know exactly what you mean! It was my boyfriend’s birthday yesterday so we went out for Thai and I didn’t hold back and go fructan free. We shared a big sharing platter and had a delicious main :s I knew it would have an effect so was prepared for the side effects after and today. I was secretly wishing I’d be ok but alas! Hope you start to feel better soon!


  3. This is so true. I will do great for a few weeks with eating healthy (although I don’t have a diagnosed condition I just try to eat better) and then I will have a breakdown and eat a bunch of chips or something. Then I immediately regret it, my body feels horrible when I put all those artificial, processed foods into it. The instant gratification of tasting good does not outweigh the aftermath of feeling horrible.

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