Food, Food, Everywhere and Not a Bite to Eat

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This site is for everyone who has been in the middle of a large supermarket, but, could not find something to eat. The first day that happened to me was when my gastroenterologist told me the good news is I am healthy and do not have cancer, and the bad news is my world of eating has changed for the worse. After many years of feeling sick and going to various doctors, I was diagnosed with fructose malabsorption. I was lucky since I was not diagnosed with a life threatening disease and they were able to give me a diagnosis. I met people throughout that time of testing who were not as lucky, including a woman who was still undiagnosed after ten years.

I went from healthily eating whatever I wanted, to not being able to eat wheat, onions, garlic, certain fruit and vegetables, and more. I could only have fruit with an amount of fructose equal to or less than the amount of glucose, such as a strawberry. I then had to count the number of strawberries I could have at one sitting, five. What if they were big strawberries? Should I have less or is that the size they were using for their recommendation? These were the types of questions I began asking myself. I started with eating chicken, potatoes, and rice because those were the only foods that did not make me sick. Even with the help of nutritionists, I was lost, confused, and bored by my food. After time and with a strong desire to be able to enjoy eating again and doing so in a healthy way, I started my journey learning about wheat, sugar, fructose, vegetarianism, veganism, and the world of processed foods. I created this blog as a way to pass on to others what I have learned and to continue discovering new information from all of you.

One of the things I have learned is that many of us have multiple food taboos. For example, I do not have celiac disease but I cannot eat wheat. I am not diabetic, but I cannot eat sugar, and I am not lactose intolerant, but I need to be careful of what dairy I eat. So I wanted to build one site where individuals or families with one or more food intolerances or dietary restrictions could find information. My hope is that, together, we can enjoy eating and food shopping again.

Welcome to Contented Belly. I look forward to your posts and comments and will post a new blog every Monday for the week’s discussion.

Have a good week,

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  1. This is amazing! !! what a wonderful and much needed idea!!!! Congrats!!!! I will be recommending it to many and reviewing a bunch myself. Thank you for doing this! !!!


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